Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Honey Cajun Chicken

Words and pictures can not express how yummy dinner was tonight. Often times I find myself sitting at the computer looking up recipes and end up mixing two or three different recipes together. Either I don't have all the ingredients to one whole recipe or I take my favorite ideas from a few different resources (Pinterest) and mix them up.

Tonight's dinner was deceptively easy.  The chicken was cooked up with only a handful of ingredients. 

4 tbs. Butter
2 tbs. Honey
Cajun Seasoning

That's it!

Once chicken is browned on both sides transfer to a cookie sheet and bake 350* for 35 minutes. Time varies depending on the size of the chicken. Always use a meat thermometer. 

Serve with you favorite side dishes. Tonight I did fresh steamed green beans and a cucumber, tomato, avocado salad. 

As I was cooking I noticed how quiet it was, and as a mom of a toddler, that can only mean one of two things. 1. He's up to something; getting into some kind of trouble. 2. He's passed out. Because he has figured out how to climb out of his crib he hasn't taken very many naps lately. So, he took a snooze on the couch while his sister watched Rise of the Guardians.

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