Friday, May 17, 2013

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

Why haven't I made this before? I am a true thin crust, light sauce pizza eater, but I though I'd change it up and try something new. I have noticed that we don't have the same menu of food over and over. Other than tacos and spaghetti, we have a new recipe or two every week. I think that's what inspired me to do this blog. I like looking back and remembering the things I've cooked that were worth telling about. Maybe one day my kids will look back and remember how much time, effort and love I spent making food for them. 

The dough recipe I use is so easy. Even easier if you have a kitchen aid mixer. Here is the link. The dough is so sticky so prepare to get flour everywhere. For the deep dish I didn't even roll out the dough at all. I halved it and plopped  it in a greased casserole dish. Easy peasy!

Traditionally a deep dish pizza has cheese on the bottom and sauce on top but who doesn't want more cheese on top? I blend up my own sauce. Can or jar sauces tend to have way too much sodium and taste like spaghetti-o's. Yuck! Next time I make this ill be sure to have a bunch of fresh veggies to throw on top. Tonight I made cheese for the kids and pepperoni for my husband and I. This could have fed 4 more people. 

Ok, so here is the magic numbers. Oven set to 420* and I cooked them both at the same time for 25 minuets. The crust was cooked all the way through. I'd say the crust alone was about 2 inches thick. I ate mine with a fork. 

Thanks for reading. 

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