Friday, March 16, 2012

Family Recipe Friday: Chicken and Dumplings

Grandma's Chicken and Dumplings

My Grandma gave me this recipe the other day. She's 88 years young. She has lived in the same house for over 60 years. Recently she fell in her home and broke her hip. She was recovering from the surgery when she told me this recipe. She says it was her mother-in-law's (my great grandma) recipe from the farm. They lived back east, in Michigan. 
 This is the dry mixture. I added broth from the chicken until it was the right consistency to roll out. I cut them into squares and tossed them back into the broth at a simmer. I cooked them for about 20 min.  

 I will make this again for my grandma when she finally comes home from the rehabilitation center. My dad said it tasted just like when he was a kid. 


  1. are they as good as your moms? I do everything she does but mine just dont get it :(

    1. My mom uses Bisquick. Mom cooks them 15 min uncovered then 15 min covered. Don't stir them.