Monday, February 20, 2012

Stand UP Chicken

Chi-Can! The best way to cook a whole chicken. This method has never turned out bad. It doesn't matter if you use beer or sprite, the chicken is very moist every time. 
 The potato keeps all the steam and moisture inside.
I picked up this rack at Bed Bath and Beyond. I only use the pie pan if I cook the chicken in the oven. I add a little water so the pie pan doesn't get scorched. After you open the can you drink a few swigs and sprinkle a few spices inside add some butter. When the liquid heats up it percolates inside the bird. Delicious! 
 Can't go bad with mashed potatoes. My secret ingredient is sour cream. 

Dinner tonight was a hit in my house. My stepson had 3 plates. In my house that is the biggest form of flattery. Anyone can say it's yummy but I love it when they show it.  Thanks for reading........

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